Other exhibitions

The wedding palace in Bytča

The Wedding Palace in Bytča is one of the most important Renaissance monuments not only in Slovakia, but also in Central Europe. The palace is a unique building, because similarly large space did not exist in our territory during those times.

The folk architecture houses in Čičmany

Čičmany are known, especially, for the unique painted log houses, which do not have the similarity in the Slovak folk architecture. The first historical mention of the village dates from the second half of the 13th century. In 1907 and 1921, the village suffered two major fires.

Jánošík and Terchová exhibition

Exposition Jánošík and Terchová is located in the centre of Terchová village. It offers a comprehensive picture of its native – the hero Juraj Jánošík and the village itself.

The musem of transport in Rajecké Teplice

The youngest exposition of the Museum of Považie region was opened to public in 2014 at the railway station in Rajecké Teplice. The exhibition is devoted to the history of transport from the beginning to the present.

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